Asteroidal Transit Unit: Gemini Sector

Original Song and micro-fiction (a Musical Mondays post)

Downloadable MP3:
Asteroidal Transit Unit: Gemini Sector

This is a song that started as a spark in my mind while working as a pilot on a parts-runner in the Gemini Sector. I didn’t last long there—too much adrenalin. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You | Green Beam and Crystal

This is my 2nd entry in’s weekly photo challenge for 10/18/13—Weekly Photo Challenge | The Hue of You. For this post, I selected 5 images from a series that includes dozens of photos. In the future, I may post other images from the same series, as it’s one of my favorite collections.

These 5 photos feature quartz crystals infused with a particular wavelength of green light, along with a little reflection and refraction. Others in the series Continue reading