2013 Points of Light: Illustrations, Designs, Music and Writing

A recap of  material from 2013: illustrations, designs, music and writing

This is the last in a series of posts recapping material from 2013. Previous recaps included photography only. This one covers the rest.

Designs and illustrations are presented in a gallery. For music, I’ve provided links to downloadable MP3s. For writing, I’ve provided links to the category archive, plus one recommended essay that you may have missed.

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Musical Mondays | Slow and Silly Ends the Race

Original musical composition

Downloadable MP3:
Slow and Silly Ends the Race

This is a lighthearted and not-too-serious song I composed in 2009. The image in the song’s cover art is one of my 1st digital illustrations. It was drawn over 20 years ago on a PC XT computer station using one of the earliest versions of Photoshop, Corel Paint or something similar—I can’t recall the exact software.

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Musical Mondays | According to the Rain

Original musical composition

Downloadable MP3:
According to the Rain

Since today is a rainy fall day here in Minneapolis, I chose According to the Rain for this Musical Mondays post. It’s a simple song that I composed in 2008 in an attempt to capture both the mood of a rainy day and the movement of water drops in a light rain.

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Musical Mondays | If You Want to Take Me Home

Original musical composition

Downloadable MP3:
If You Want to Take Me Home

This is the first song in a recurring series, Musical Mondays. My goal is to post an original song every 3rd or 4th Monday. This one is upbeat and lighthearted—I hope it lifts your spirits.

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Fictional Single | Tiger Kites and Butterflies

Downloadable MP3:
Tiger Kites and Butterflies

I put these notes together from a fragment of memory, hoping to convey a fraction of what I felt one day in the beautiful lands of the 4th World of Pravesh.

About the Realm of Pravesh, The 4th World, and the moment that inspired this song:
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