Guest Blogging on A Sword for Hire

Joe Kondrak - puncta lucisFor years, as a hobby and pastime, I’ve played fantasy tabletop games such as Pathfinder RPG. In such games, miniature figures are a common element. Since I have a small collection of these figures for use in my games, I decided to combine my interest in the game with my interest in photography. Below, you can see some examples of that merger. The figures are around an inch to several inches tall, and the sets and environments in which they appear are handmade by myself (part of a sweet potato appears in one photo).

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Virtual Blog Tour

Joe Kondrak - puncta lucisRecommended by puncta lucis:

I was recently invited by Debbie Scott of Hummingbird Dreams Photography to be a part of this Virtual Blog Tour. Debbie’s images are colorful and striking, with a dream-like quality that flower-lovers are sure to enjoy—I recommend you visit her blog and take a look around. In addition to seeing some beautiful art, Continue reading

New Gallery Pages: Birds, Flowers and Insects

Joe Kondrak - puncta lucisI launched puncta lucis about seven months ago and have posted nearly three-hundred images since then. Now it’s time to organize and present some of those images in galleries. I’ve completed galleries for birds, flowers and insects, and will add more once I determine how to sort the remainder of the images.

Mr. Gentleduck (cropped)


corollae coruscante


Canada Darner (Aeshna canadensis)

Insects +