About puncta lucis

Joe Kondrak - puncta lucisPuncta lucis is a latin phrase meaning points of light.

This blog serves as my creative outlet and portfolio, and I chose this name for two reasons:

  1. Because most of the posts here feature digital imagery, and as you likely know, digital images are composed of tiny colored dots called pixels. On electronic screens, these pixels are luminous, and could reasonably be described as points of light.
  2. Creation and discovery are among the joyful and uplifting bright points in life. My hope is that you’ll find as much joy in viewing my work as I find in its creation. In this sense, points of light is figurative, referring to idioms like brighten your day or lighten your mood. Even in the rare instances when my subject matter is dark, I still want you to find it enjoyable—a bright moment in your day to have found something you like.

Please contact me using the form below if you have any questions or comments.

Joe Kondrak

The images and other content posted on puncta lucis are formatted at quality levels and resolutions suitable for enjoyable viewing in your browser. Besides photography and other artwork, I occasionally post original songs and writing.

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A plane arriving at MSP descends over Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, MN, where I live and work