Guest Blogging on A Sword for Hire

Joe Kondrak - puncta lucisFor years, as a hobby and pastime, I’ve played fantasy tabletop games such as Pathfinder RPG. In such games, miniature figures are a common element. Since I have a small collection of these figures for use in my games, I decided to combine my interest in the game with my interest in photography. Below, you can see some examples of that merger. The figures are around an inch to several inches tall, and the sets and environments in which they appear are handmade by myself (part of a sweet potato appears in one photo).

Besides the photos, I have also started to write and design content for the game. Because of this, I’m able to contribute some posts to A Sword for Hire, a blog by Mikko Kallio, centered around the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and designing for the same.

I don’t plan to post photos such as these on an ongoing basis here on puncta lucis. Instead, I’ll save such photos for ASword for Hire and other outlets. You can see additional photos in a similar vein by visiting A Sword for Hire. You’ll also find posts about playing and designing for Pathfinder.

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