The Inner Depths of a Matrix

A dozen macro photographs

A Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge post

6 thoughts on “The Inner Depths of a Matrix

    • Thanks Elfy! The photos are close ups of a small piece of lepidolite. Crystals and semi-precious stones are some of my favorite things to photograph. I have literally hundreds and hundreds of such photos of different kinds. If you click the tag ‘crystal’ below the photos on this page, or search puncta lucis for ‘crystal’, you can see some examples of other similar photos. I’ve been thinking of producing a coffee-table book with a few hundred like this (or a dvd/web slideshow).

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      • Of course I knew that (drawing a sigh of relief). I think your idea for a wen slideshow will be brilliant and the coffee table too. The natural formation of crystals are such wonderful images to behold. Have you come across any that exhibit a Fibonacci sequence? Look forward to seeing more.


    • So far, I haven’t seen obviously-fibonacci patterns or sequences in the crystals I’ve photographed. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll be keeping my eye out. If you’d like to see some fibonacci sequences, some of my botanical photos fit the bill. Try searching for ‘whorl’ or ‘coneflower’, or see the ‘flowers’ gallery. Thanks for visiting and expressing an interest. I really appreciate it.

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      • Flowers are a good example. Crystals are more free flowing – almost like free spirits. I will explore your images. By the way, I have Friday Focus coming out today which might interest you giving this chat.


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