8 thoughts on “Jovian Molecular Storm

    • I’m no chemist, but I’ve noticed through trial and error that dyes and inks diffuse in alcohol differently than they do in water. Also, the bubbles seem to form more readily with less heat.

      I’ve experimented with oils, too. I didn’t set out knowing that dye X with fluid Y will produce result Z. My process is more experimental—something like, “Try A, look at results, if I like the appearance, proceed, tweak and photograph. If the results don’t interest me (visually), try B, repeat.”


      • Thanks for the feedback. I must try some experimental situations like this. I do find your images imaginative, creative, original and intriguing. I am fascinated. Best wishes.


      • Thank you, too. I greatly appreciate your visits, comments and your interest in my work. I’m always happy to answer questions—especially for a regular visitor such as yourself.


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