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Joe Kondrak - puncta lucisRecommended by puncta lucis:

I was recently invited by Debbie Scott of Hummingbird Dreams Photography to be a part of this Virtual Blog Tour. Debbie’s images are colorful and striking, with a dream-like quality that flower-lovers are sure to enjoy—I recommend you visit her blog and take a look around. In addition to seeing some beautiful art, you’ll find a crisp and clean blog design that’s easy to navigate. Given the quality of her work, I am honored and grateful that she thought to include me in the tour.

Besides puncta lucis, Debbie also included Cee’s Photography in her Virtual Blog Tour post. Cee’s blog is excellent, too. You’ll find great images in an atmosphere that’s light-hearted and approachable. In addition to posting her own images, Cee hosts a variety of interesting photo challenges. Having only recently discovered her blog, I haven’t yet participated in one of those challenges, but that is now on my short list of things to do!

About the Virtual Blog Tour
The Virtual Blog Tour is a series of posts from different blogs wherein each participant answers 4 questions about their work and creative process, followed by a recommendation and invitation to another creative blogger.

Questions and answers about my creative work

1. What am I working on?
There is no particular project that I’m working on. As I always do in my spare time, I’m taking photos and producing other creative works to add to my already large collection. What I should be doing is wrangling that large collection into something manageable so I can present and share my finished works in new ways with my growing audience. The reason I wrote should be, is that administrative, organizational and promotional tasks are not my cup of tea. I enjoy producing and sharing creative works, and would like that to be my vocation instead of my avocation. However, when faced with working towards that end, the work doesn’t come easy and I end up simply returning to creative work. Launching puncta lucis last September is one of the few promotional efforts that I’ve seen through to completion.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
a random post It differs in that I don’t consider my body of work to belong to a particular genre. Though counter to what is strongly recommended by arts professionals, the style of my work is varied and my subject-matter is scattered. If I had to pick a genre to describe my work, I would make one up and say the genre is miscellaneous. Another way to answer this question is with a question—to what genre do you think my work belongs?

3. Why do I create what I do?
I create impulsively. Within me, there is no long-term desire to express a particular message, concept or emotion. Instead, a creative impulse simply occurs, and then I follow that impulse in my available time. As an example, consider these photos of a green beam and crystal. There’s nothing that I want to say with these pictures. Instead, an impulse to set up and capture those images occurred, and I joyfully indulged that impulse. After I had captured the images, I was pleased with the results and simply wanted to share them, hoping that others might share in my pleasure.

4. How does your creative process work?
This was partly answered in the previous question. I get a creative impulse or vision from an unknown source. Then, if I’m willing and able, I’ll follow that impulse through to completion. Usually, it’s something relatively specific, like “Go out and photograph a wispy and delicate flower with dew on it” or, “Capture soft and swirling incense smoke.”

Once I’m at the desired location, or have set up the scene in my makeshift home studio, I work very slowly and patiently towards realizing my vision.

I’m excited and happy to recommend the photography of Ken Fortier

You can find Ken’s wonderful photography at Kenj4ta. I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy his collection of excellent photographs. In his collection, you’ll find highly detailed and colorful images of birds and wildlife, with an eclectic mix of other unique photos thrown in. Visiting his site is an entertaining and joyful experience. It helps that he’s chosen a great theme and design that presents his work very nicely. On his about page, Ken claims to be an amateur, but his work says otherwise.

Please visit his blog and take a look at a few dozen images—you’ll be happy you did. While there, leave a comment on your favorite post.

Examples of Ken’s photography

5 thoughts on “Virtual Blog Tour

  1. I enjoyed learning about your ‘creative process’ which is pure and uncomplicated. I like that and your honest approach obviously is working very well for you. I think you’re soul shines through your work and that is so important and essential! Thanks also for the leads into other artist’s work that you admire. I look forward to seeing more of what they do.


  2. Joe, well done!! Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I’m looking forward to visiting Ken’s website as there were a couple of photos I loved. Thank you for participating in the Virtual Blog Tour. 🙂


    • You’re more than welcome, and thank you, too!
      Yes, Ken’s photos are great. I especially love the Cuban Anole on the red and white tropical flower. He really captures the personality of gulls, too.


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