11 thoughts on “Life in a Garden (002)

    • Thank you and good catch! I’m going to change that. I want it to be accurate and I was a little too casual on this one.
      In some posts, I attempt to identify subjects and include scientific names, while in others I use less formal names. If provided by readers, I love to add proper and full ID’s to posts and captions.


  1. Awesome shot! I really would like to create similar photos some day. May I ask what kind of camera and lens you used for this photo? I make a lot of photos with my smartphone and a cheap digital camera but I get more and more interested into photography and I also experienced where the limits are with my equipement, so that I want to save up for a decent camera someday. Macro-photography would be very interesting. I ask you about the equipment as I am in the phase of researching and watching reviews on YouTube.


    • Dennis, this photo was taken with a Pentax K-5 and a 90mm fixed focal-length lens.
      I happen to think that approach, practice, technique, artistry and understanding are as important as equipment in achieving your desired results. Whatever camera you choose, if you study, experiment and practice, it will show.
      I suggest reading up on dSLR cameras and then choosing one according to your budget. If you’re interested in specific kinds of photography like macros, accessory lenses cost extra, so you’ll have to account for that in your budget. In general, I like Pentax models, but other brands offer great cameras, too.


      • Thank you very much. I watched some reviews after your reply. Looks like this is a very nice camera. I have a few cameras on my wish list but I will put the K-5 on the list too. It´s anyway still time until I saved enough for a decent camera and until I need to decide. But it´s not bad to research a little bit. I had a lot of fun watching reviews of your camera. But apart from the reviews, your talent and your photos are expressive too. You get some awesome results out of the camera.

        I agree with you, about the understanding and experience of photography. Even if it´s another hobby but it fits… As a guitarist I know, if you put the priciest guitar in the hands of someone who can´t play or someone who does not have a feeling for music or who isn´t interested to dig deep enough into the topic, it will end bad. 😀

        About the macro photography. I found out today that I could buy a kit camera with a 50mm lens and then I saw videos were they said a 50mm lens could be reversed with reverse rings. They mention it would allow affordable macro photography at the beginning until you buy a special lens. That sounds interesting anyhow. I anyway would also be interested in usual photography not only macro. I could practice with the 50mm and I could also reverse it to discover macro photography.

        But back to your photo… I really admire your work. Always nice to see your photos in the reader. Have a nice day.


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