Asteroidal Transit Unit: Gemini Sector

Original Song and micro-fiction (a Musical Mondays post)

Downloadable MP3:
Asteroidal Transit Unit: Gemini Sector

This is a song that started as a spark in my mind while working as a pilot on a parts-runner in the Gemini Sector. I didn’t last long there—too much adrenalin. As if it weren’t bad enough working on a ship with 14 stinkfaces and half the Sector wanting to punch me in the mouth, we had to cross dangerous parts of the Geminian Asteroid Fields twice a run.

The Sigma-class shuttles used for local freight transport were equipped with audio-feedback navigation units. When crossing the hairiest sections of The Fields, the AFNU sequences sounded almost musical. Of course, I don’t recall any of the specific sequences. Like flakes of snow, each one was unique, yet partly repetitive due to the cyclical scanners. I arranged this sequence as an approximation of what I heard at the helm during my time in the sector.

The stinkface clans as a whole had a hold on the transport business, and each clan competed vigorously with the others for the best routes. Inter-clan encounters occurred now and again at the ports and way-stations, and sometimes ended in bloodshed. My crew belonged to the 7th Clan, which was pretty well-respected. That helped us avoid the worst of it. Nonetheless, spending time on a station always made me nervous. Ships and crews typically displayed crests or colors to show their allegiances, so a count could be taken before entering a particular port. It was best to just wait outside the shield rings if it was clear you’d be a small minority on a station. The ships and suits of the 7th Clan were decorated with a red planetoid on a field of blue.


Asteroidal Transit Unit: Gemini Sector

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