Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand | Hibiscus Pollen

A close-up of hibiscus stamina

Though the scale of this photo is not grand, that our universe contains detail, variety and beauty at such small sizes is amazing to me.

It seems that whatever your size or perspective, there is a rich tapestry to behold. Sometimes I wish I were a Lilliputian, or smaller still, that I might explore our world with a different perspective, taking in the minutiae. Macro photography takes me one step towards that experience, though it takes some effort and patience.

This photo was taken outdoors in Minneapolis, MN, in the garden next to my driveway.

Note: The main trunk is a pistil. Each stalk is a stamen with two parts—a filament and a pollen-covered anther.

This post is a response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

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