A Milestone for Mr. Gentleduck

A photo and poem

For my 50th post, I wanted to present something special and relevant, an exemplar of puncta lucis. As I pondered what that might be, the answer was staring me in the face, both literally and figuratively—my gravatar! The mallard that I use to represent myself and my nature is a perfect fit. I chose it for my online face, and I’m choosing it again to mark this milestone. Since it’s a significant post, I dashed off a poem, too.

A Milestone for Mr. Gentleduck

Fifty points of light passed by
And my how the time did fly

Ten thousand more yet to share
On the way to who knows where

With a bit of pluck and a spot of luck
You’ll see more of Mr. Gentleduck

Mr. Gentleduck

The mallard in the photo was bobbing along in the Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I live near that creek and visit it often. His expression and gaze resonate with me.

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