Musical Mondays | According to the Rain

Original musical composition
Downloadable MP3:
According to the Rain

Since today is a rainy fall day here in Minneapolis, I chose According to the Rain for this Musical Mondays post. It’s a simple song that I composed in 2008 in an attempt to capture both the mood of a rainy day and the movement of water drops in a light rain.

According to the Rain - Song Art

The primary instrument is an electronic piano that I played over my own arrangements of strings, woodwinds and percussion. There’s also varying levels white noise in the background to suggest the sounds of rain.

The photo in the cover art was taken in beautiful Laurelhurst Park in Portland, OR, on a rainy and misty day in 1999.

2 thoughts on “Musical Mondays | According to the Rain

  1. Your music is incredible! I’ve just listened to a couple of recordings and now want to listen to it all. Also really love your art & photography; all great stuff.
    (BTW – Among other things I do a “Music Mondays” category, a lot different from yours – focusing on retro songs from the 60’s and 70’s and currently doing Songs of Summer – check it out if you feel like you might get into it). Keep up the amazing, creative things you do!


    • Thanks for visiting and leaving such nice comments. I haven’t been posting much music lately—I believe visitors to puncta lucis prefer my images over my musical posts, to be honest. I’m very happy you enjoyed the tunes. Your comments have motivated me to post music more frequently.

      I enjoyed visiting your blog, too, and will surely return.


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